In our desire to acquire the best possible Citroen HY and HZ vans, H VAN WORLD has a specialist team based near Antibes in the
South of France. Generally speaking, the further south one travels in France, the more rust free the van that you can find. But they are
never easy to locate! France is a vast country, and we generally find our vans in the most remote places. Each one has to then be
transported back to the UK and examined in detail before being offered for sale. Despite our expertise and selection process however,
you must remember that every H van is over 30 years old, and some are as mature as 60! So, even we can’t guarantee a vehicle of
that age, but you can at least rely on our extensive knowledge to avoid the worst pitfalls. We try to stock a complete selection of vans
from restoration projects to the most immaculate vans, and ranging in age from the 1950’s to the final production in 1981.We always try
to keep a varied stock, including varying lengths, heights and body styles. If we do not currently have what you are after, ask us to
locate it for you. If anyone can, H VAN WORLD can!


Citroen Catering Vans 

Petrol and Diesel

We are learning, which is good for you, but usually costs us plenty! It has taken some time for it to sink in, for we are not as young as we were...but, it is now clear that every catering conversion is different. Maybe only in a small way, or maybe in a big way, but all of you, understandably, want your H van tailored exactly to your needs. So, us trying to do a 'standard' fit out, does not make sense. We've learnt - we've stopped!
This is the clever bit. We have purchased a number of really good, sound Citroen H vans, which we are restoring bodily and mechanically and fitting opening side hatches (these were never fitted by Citroen in period).
So, if you want a catering van, we have a good sound van waiting for you to decide it's colour and interior - or take it away and fit it out yourself.
Simple? We think so!


1976 Citroen HY LWB Catering 


This van was imported and extensively body restored a couple of years ago. It has now been mechanically restored too! This beauty now has a rebuilt 1911cc petrol engine and a rebuilt gearbox - both just fitted in our workshop.
We will extensively service the rest of the van so that you will get a sound long wheel base van that is also excellent mechanically. Pair of new (original style) seats fitted.
Fitted inside with counters and cupboards, so could be used as is, but probably a superb base for the fit out of your choice. Price depends on final specification.


1957 Citroen H 'Cafe Gilbert' van 


From our own museum, we offer for sale this gorgeous Citroen H van that is totally solid but with a superb rusty patina that only vehicles from a hot, dry climate can attain. Pretty much any Citroen H book shows pictures of the Cafe Gilbert vans and this van, an early split screen, is as sound an example as you will ever find, anywhere.
We have kept this van externally as we found it, but the inside is quite different. All new brakes, rebuilt engine, new stainless steel exhaust, new hoses and radiator etc etc.
This van was displayed at 'La Vie en Bleu' at Prescott last summer, and on the Citroen Car Club stand at the NEC Classic Car Show last November. Much praised at both venues. Utterly unrepeatable. £18,300.


Citroen HY LWB Police van 


In all the years that I ran dealerships for modern cars, there were numerous times when I longed to say how awful a car was, or perhaps how boring it was - let's face it, not many current cars set the pulse racing. So, it is with great delight that I can announce that this truly is an terrible H van! It needs a total restoration which only the bravest of the brave would attempt...unless, as they say, you know better! There are, however, two things in its favour. First, it is a long wheel base model. Second, genuine Police H vans are much sought after and very rare. I suspect that this is a replica, but you could always pretend! Your children would never know!
You would be amazingly brave to buy this, but if you want it, it is, at least, cheap (especially considering what it cost to get back from Cognac - think someone drank too much!). £3600 for this wreck! Please prove me wrong.


1976 Citroen HY Catering van 


A beautiful, sound Citroen HY catering van. Absolutely solid body, just resprayed blue with cream wheels and roof. New rubbers are to be fitted to all the doors and the van is being totally updated mechanically, as happens with all vans we sell (except those that we sell as projects, of course). New tyres all round. MOT tested.
Inside the van currently has stainless counters and a basin, but you may wish to update the interior to match the superb exterior. Very hard to find in this condition now. £17,700.


1974 Citroen HY van.  


Another van for sale as is or fully rebuilt. At present the van runs and drives but is exactly as we found it in deepest southern France. A lovely sound van with the very unusual and desirable roof rack option.
You can restore yourself, or we will be doing so just as soon as we get a moment - poor Steve is up to his neck in our workshop with 'sold' vans already and these obviously have priority.
£8670 as is or we retore, rebuild and fit out for you.


1957 Citroen H van 


Here is something different for you to consider. A lovely sound early split screen H van which runs and drives but has not been restored in any way yet. As usual, we will restore this van to your full specification and have it fully fitted out inside if you wish.
Some of the early vans were fitted from new with canvas sides, so easy to fit an opening side hatch or simply roll up the canvas as the French did in period. So much character!
You can buy this beauty, as is, for just £6500 or we will convert and restore it fully for you.


1970 Citroen HY Catering van 


Newly fitted out inside with fridge, 4 x bains maries, griddle, fan oven, hot/cold water, two basins stainless steel counters, cupboards etc. Walls fully lined in stainless steel.
A super van to get your business started immediately.
Very little use - we built this beauty for a promotion in Richmond, Surrey for Revisions Group. Very rare opportunity for sale at good saving on build cost. £26,000.


1974 HY Coffee/Crepe Catering 


Citroen H vans this size are much in demand as they offer more internal length yet are still very easy to drive and park in town. Even more unusual, this van is very sound bodily and mechanically after we have been through it thoroughly.
This beauty has been trading until recently and could be the way for you to get your business started quickly this spring/summer. Although an older interior conversion, it has counters, a coffee machine and three crepe rings. Alternatively, we can sell this one empty and fit it out to your exact specification. MOT and already UK registered.


1957 Citroen H market/catering van 


OMG, as my daughter would still say (much to our chagrin!). A really lovely early, split screen van. This beauty was fitted with side opening in period, and as such, is a lovely historical piece. We will rebuild this beauty to your specification and colour. A really sound example as found, but we will rebuild the engine, brakes, cooling system, seats etc. as usual.
Very unusual to find such a sound early van that has never been molested bodily or mechanically - totally original and lovely.
Yet again, I am so tempted to keep this one!


Citroen HY LWB high top Pizza van 


Want to get your Pizza business started next week? This is the way to do it! A quite magnificent high roof, long wheel base, H van, fitted with Dingley Dell wood fired pizza oven, dough roller, fridge, dough cupboard, ingredients pots, pizza cutters, gas bottle etc. In fact, everything you need to get started, including a few bags of wood for the oven!
This van was built by Towability (from a van supplied by ourselves) barely a year ago. Fitted throughout with top quality equipment. This is a very rare H van size, so move fast if you don't want to miss it. Very realistically priced at £39,900.


1966 HY LWB Camper Van £16,684 


A really super long wheel base camper H van which could easily be converted to an excellent catering van offering valuable extra internal length, height and width. Although this is a lovely clean camper internally, it also represents a good value base for a long catering van, sound long vans being so hard to find now. The van will go through our workshop and come to you with a new MOT.
Whether you are interested in a very clean Citroen H van camper or you would like us to get it converted for you to sell your wares, do come and view. This van really is very clean and very sound - and it qualifies for free road tax! Good value at £16,684.


HY IN 2 LWB Pizza Catering £34,870 


This lovely van is newly built and ready for trading. 5 metre long Citroen HY converted to pizza van. Fully serviced: Oil and oil filter,radiator,brakes and battery. MOT and UK registered.
On board; new fridge, 100 litres stainless steel tank and 120 litre tank for waste water, 40 litre boiler and water pump. Service hatch, double sink. Stainless worktop, cupboards, lights, 5 sockets, non slip flooring. PVC walls. Wood fired oven (Defra approved) means you can work any where even in London. 86800 Km only from new!
An amazing opportunity for £34,870.


HY LWB Pizza Catering £39,975 


Sound, long wheel base HY vans in their own right are rare, but to find one that is newly built, fully equipped and ready to trade, is a most unusual opportunity. This van was fitted out by Towability of Northampton in the summer of 2013 and is very little used.
This beauty is fitted with a Dingley Dell oven with tools, under counter fridge and under counter cooling cabinet with dough trays, electric dough roller, hot water urn, 14 x gastro pots, Honda generator and full electrics including mains connection and 2 x 4ft fluoresce lights, 2 sinks with tap and water pump and containers for fresh and waste water. The oven is located at the front of the van allowing rear access, plus the wall behind the serving hatch has been tiled with white brick tiles. It also has a tracker fitted. The van is MOT tested and will be fully checked over in our workshop prior to delivery. UK registered. Good saving on cost at £39,975


1973 Peugeot J7 LWB Van 


And now for something different! Just in case you are one of the very unusual people that want something old that isn't an H van for your catering or promotional project, here we have it for you! This is the long wheel base version which we can convert to your requirements. We will restore, repaint and MOT this van prior to sale. As with all our vans, we can apply your logo or signwriting as well if you wish. Being a long wheel base van, it will be superb for a wood fired pizza oven and also superb for festivals where you require greater capacity. A very sound van that was still on the road when we found it in France.


1972 Citroen HY Catering van 


This lovely sound, original example came from district 40 in France, a town called Saint Pierre Du Mont. We sold this van early in 2013 since when it has been in catering use in Cornwall. The owner has now embarked upon an exciting new venture so we were delighted to have the opportunity to re-purchase it! (We always offer to do this, which only confirms that we sell good quality vans.) This lovely van is UK registered and MOT tested, and has a side opening hatch already fitted together with stainless steel counters either side. Buy this van, ready to trade for £18,250, or we can have it converted inside with all the equipment and details that you want. Call for a chat.


1977 Citroen HY IN2. Catering van 


We are often asked if we have any basic vans for the customer to build up themselves, sometimes for static use in shopping centres for example. So, we bought this one for those people who want a cheap but sound van, and we have fitted a side opening catering hatch to it. But that is as far as we have gone. It needs tidying, painting and whatever mechanical work is required, but it represents a cheap start if you are on a tight start up budget. £4995 as it is; no offers please.


1975 Citroen HY Diesel 


This van will make a super CATERING VAN or keep as a camper. We like to try to fit all budgets, so are offering this van as is (it starts and drives fine) or fully converted to your specification and colour, with new MOT. You choose.
Sound H vans that will make really good vans are getting harder and harder to find, so this could be a chance for you.
For sale as is for £8500 or with side opening, new paint and new MOT for £15,870.


1961 Citroen HY Split screen 


Now, here is something rather special. This is a one owner, split screen van, but unusually, it is the Perkins diesel engine fitted rather than the more common indenor diesel. The Perkins engine was only fitted for a few years, but this one even has a spare engine with it 'just in case'! How about that! Also really interesting, is the fact that this van was fitted with these lovely sliding glass windows from new by the French SAPA coachbuilders - this is a very rare survivor with this original conversion, but would be great for catering or ICE CREAM sales as one could serve through them. A really rare vehicle then, one owner, Perkins diesel and SAPA conversion! I doubt you will ever find another with this combination. You may buy 'as is' or we will restore and fit out as you wish. Have a chat to us if you love it as much as we do!


1977 Citroen HW Heuliez van.  


A very genuine, one owner van from new. Scruffy, yes, of course, its French, but incredibly sound with barely a sign of rust anywhere. We will be restoring and converting this into a catering van with opening side hatch and conventional type rear doors. At this stage, it can be built to your own colour and specification, or, as always, we can sell as is. Very hard to find these days in this sound condition, these vans are gaining in popularity as they are a bit taller and a bit longer inside than a standard van, so are suitable for a wood burning Pizza oven, for example.


1964 HY 6.7metre Catering van


A very rare high top, long wheel base French market van with full side opening, early split windscreen style, beautiful period aluminium body...........this is really unusual! And it gets even better - just 30,000 Klm from new! Engine sweet, all new brakes, new MOT prior to sale. We have repainted the cab inside and out, and can have interior fitted out for you to your design. Fabulous for Pizza and great for festivals. I doubt you will ever find another of these. As usual, we were thrilled to manage to source it. Buy with new MOT for just £17,600, or we will quote for catering fit-out. Remember, we do not charge VAT on top of our prices! Rear of body can be painted or would look great highly polished!

Citroen HY high top, SWB


As found, a scruffy but sound van. The really exciting part for all of you over 6ft tall is that this is a high top, standard length, Citroen H van, a very rare beast indeed. We will sell'as is' or restore, repaint and fit out for your catering or other needs - it would also make a great camper as it has the interior height to fit a decent shower! Unusual and a great find. We will fit opening side hatch etc. and then go as far as you decree!

1981 Citroen HY van, one owner



A very late, short wheel base van in superb, sound condition. This lovely example has a few dents perhaps, but is totally sound as was in use still in France when we persuaded the (original) owner to sell it to us. This van will form the basis of a superb catering van. Very hard to find in this condition these days, anywhere in France. We will restore, paint and fit out to your dreams and specification. 

1950's Citroen H van, Split Screen


The early H vans had a split windscreen and some other subtle differences that make them eagerly sought after by enthusiasts of the marque. The split windscreen was replaced in 1964, so these split screen models are between 40 and 60+ years old! It is most unusual to find one without and dents or rust damage, but this is a good find. Although it has some superficial rust, it is basically very strong in all the important areas that matter structurally. The van runs and drives and can be purchased as is or at any stage of restoration. The price will obvously depend on how far we have got or to what specification you may want. Your colour choice or as is 'dans son jus'.

1962 Citroen HY Betaillere Horsebox


A lovely early split screen van from Toulon on the French south coast. We are normally very wary of these as the rear load floor can be in a poor condition, but this van is absolutely solid throughout and in superb condition.

The bodywork is currently in primer and ready to be painted and the woodwork is sound, ready for a fresh coat of varnish. We are happy to paint it to your own colour or you may prefer to buy as is and finish yourself.

The van is higher inside than standard and very slightly longer so would convert to a really super camper or would also make a superb wood fired Pizza van.