In our desire to acquire the best possible Citroen HY and HZ vans, H VAN WORLD has a specialist team based near Antibes in the
South of France. Generally speaking, the further south one travels in France, the more rust free the van that you can find. But they are
never easy to locate! France is a vast country, and we generally find our vans in the most remote places. Each one has to then be
transported back to the UK and examined in detail before being offered for sale. Despite our expertise and selection process however,
you must remember that every H van is over 30 years old, and some are as mature as 60! So, even we can’t guarantee a vehicle of
that age, but you can at least rely on our extensive knowledge to avoid the worst pitfalls. We try to stock a complete selection of vans
from restoration projects to the most immaculate vans, and ranging in age from the 1950’s to the final production in 1981.We always try
to keep a varied stock, including varying lengths, heights and body styles. If we do not currently have what you are after, ask us to
locate it for you. If anyone can, H VAN WORLD can!


1981 Citroen HY Van 


A really superb example, possibly the best anywhere! This van has been built as our demonstrator and test bed for new ideas. It was fully rebuilt with new panels to ensure a perfect body, then mechanically rebuilt. We have subsequently fitted it with power steering and power brakes! Super to drive, super to look at! Just been fully Waxoyled to ensure its long term survival. You will not find a better looking or better driving H van. Lovely. £24,870


1967 Citroen HY Catering 


This super van is ready to trade and is effectively, a ready made business. Has operated as a bagel van, but with all the equipment it has, it could make and sell many different offerings. Fitted with fan oven, griddle, bains marie, 2x fridges, 2x basins with electric water heater and pump, and bagel/toasted sandwich maker. Gas cylinder included. We imported this lovely van two years ago and restored it with new brakes etc. The van has a totally rebuilt engine and is MOT tested. Really superb value at £27,000



1972 Citroen HY Catering 


How about this? A really superb, very solid, Citroen H Van that has been fitted out inside and is ready to go! Get your business started quickly - in time for the Christmas markets! Professionally restored and converted by H Van World to the highest specification. Lined out inside with white aluminium, opening side hatch, fitted interior lighting, two basins, counters either side, fridge, gas and electricity. A really superb example at just £27,000



1973 Citroen HY 6 metre LWB 


It is really hard to find vans this length that are solid structurally - this is just such a vehicle. Whilst needing fresh paint and a spruce up, the chassis is superb and the bodywork is sound and straight. So, why is this one so good? Simple answer is, it was converted into a camper when new so has been pampered by a private owner and has a low recorded mileage.This will make a superb wood fired Pizza van or would be a great catering van for festivals where you need 6 or seven staff to have room to operate We can sell as is or fully restored and fitted out inside.


1976 Citroen HY High Top van 


For anyone over 6ft tall, a high top van is quite possibly essential. Problem is, there were very few built in period and there are, consequently, few survivors. But, if you need extra height, you need extra height! So, we have this little beauty! Absolutely rock solid chassis, sound, straight body. We can sell as is, or restore, repaint, MOT and fit out for you exact needs. Give us a call and have a chat, before someone else does.


1967 Citroen HY period camper 


How about this amazing H van? Fitted out in period as a camper and still with all its incredible period fittings. Lined out inside with marine ply, the van is as put away many years ago.
The van runs and drives but has not been through our workshop yet. We will sell it as is for £10,100 or rebuild to your specification and colour.


Citroen H van - Shed or trailer?  


We rarely give up on a van, but sadly this one is the exception! Chop off the front and build a trailer for your H van, or leave as is and use as your garden shed................or perhaps a garden ornament!
Please save it from being scrapped! £2000.


1956 Citroen H Split Screen 


This amazing split screen van was still being used in France until a very short time ago. Incredibly sound body with just a few age related dents and dings, but nothing major at all.
A really lovely original van that has not yet gone through our workshop.
As is £10,100 or we will restore, paint and MOT it for you to your colour choice for £18 - £20,000.


1962 Citroen H van 


Another beauty exactly as we found it snoozing in a warm barn! An early split screen example with an absolutely superb, solid body..................except in one rear corner where it was reversed into something more solid than an H van!
This really will make a lovely van once mechanically restored as it is so original. Amazingly, it is a one owner van from new! Quite lovely.£8700 as is or we will restore/paint and MOT for £18 - £20,000.


1969 Citroen HY van 


According to the French registration document this is a one owner van - it certainly still has the supplier's sticker still on it! Although it has the lovely surface rust look, it is basically quite sound and will make a super van when completed.
This beauty can be purchased for £5000 as is or we will eventually restore it and it will then come in to the £18 - £20000 bracket.


1975 Citroen HY van 


An absolutely lovely, original condition, Citroen H van, resplendent in its original signwriting.
This van currently runs and drives but has not yet been through our workshop. Sound, straight vans like this are getting really hard to find now, so we were really pleased to find this beauty.
As is £15600, or painted your colour, mechanically restored and MOT tested, £20,000.


1979 Citroen HY pick up 


It is so rare to find a really good, solid pick up these days that we just had to give this lovely example a full restoration. So, here it is! New brakes, new tyres, new cooling system, new exhaust, new (original colour) paint and, finally, a new MOT. I love it and have been using it to promote our business since it was finished - it was a big hit at a big classic car show last week!
I think that this would be brilliant to promote a business or product, but alternatively, it could have your own height/length catering unit on the back - alternatively, we will keep it! £15,265


Citroen Catering Vans 

Petrol and Diesel

We are learning, which is good for you, but usually costs us plenty! It has taken some time for it to sink in, for we are not as young as we were...but, it is now clear that every catering conversion is different. Maybe only in a small way, or maybe in a big way, but all of you, understandably, want your H van tailored exactly to your needs. So, us trying to do a 'standard' fit out, does not make sense. We've learnt - we've stopped!
This is the clever bit. We have purchased a number of really good, sound Citroen H vans, which we are restoring bodily and mechanically and fitting opening side hatches (these were never fitted by Citroen in period).
So, if you want a catering van, we have a good sound van waiting for you to decide it's colour and interior - or take it away and fit it out yourself.
Simple? We think so!


1955 Citroen 2CV AZU van 


A lovely, iconic piece of French history! It is amazing that theses vans used to be everywhere in France, used for everything. Yet today, they are almost non existent in France and very rarely seen anywhere in the UK.
They make great promotional vans or are really good as small catering vans, particularly with a coffee machine in the back.
We imported this van around ten years ago - our H van technician, Steve, totally stripped, updated and rebuilt this van, since when, he has used it as his every day transport and work van. Although it looks exactly as it should, it has been fitted with later 2cv electrics, brakes and power. Not only has it been totally practical, but it has been reliable as well. Reluctantly, he will part with it for just £7100. As usual, we can also paint it your colour and/or fit it out for you.


1961 Citroen HY Pick up 


A lovely, sound, original, split screen Citroen HY pick up truck. We can build a catering van body onto this at your chosen height and length. Alternatively, these pick up trucks are most unusual and great fun just as they are or for promotional use; they make super rustic fruit or vegetable vans for any ad or promo. Hard to find such sound, original condition.
Runs and drives, as is, £11,995, or we will MOT and convert for you.


1981 Citroen HY 


This beauty is one of the last H vans built as 1981 was the final year of production for these iconic vans. It is incredibly straight down the sides and very sound underneath, which is the important part of all vans! We will restore it mechanically and paint it your colour - if you wish, we will fit it out to your exact specification. Let us know what you want your van to do for you. Price, as usual, dependent on specification, but this is a really super base from which to start.


1960 Citroen 2cv AZU van 


Something a little different, now. This is the younger brother of the HY van and these little vans are now very hard to find in good, sound, original condition. This van is really sound and would make a fabulous promotional van or would be fantastic with a coffee machine fitted in the back of it.
This particular example was built for the French post office and has some specific original modifications that were requested by 'La Poste'. A super little van which is also exempt from road tax a nice bonus! With new MOT, this van is a rarity at just £6895.


1977 Citroen HY Fire van 


As rare as you will ever find - this beautiful H van has only covered a genuine 18,000km (15,000 miles) from new. The joy of the Fire vans is that they were always maintained to a very high standard and, of course, did minimal mileage.
It is as solid and immaculate an H van as you will ever find anywhere. 'Blues and twos' still working! I really want to keep this beauty so paid dear to get it - it was withdrawn from a French auction for us! So, it is not cheap and no offers will be taken. If you wish to buy this rarity, it is £23,400 with new MOT.


1966 Citroen HY 6m LWB hightop 


A real rarity here! Pretty much as long as you can get at 6 metres, but with a high roof as well. Absolutely fabulous for festivals, this original side opening market van will make a stunning catering van or what a vehicle for promotions.
We are prepared to sell this van as is or rebuild and convert it to whatever specification or use you may dream up! Would also make a stunning camper van.
This van will not be cheap; as well as being incredibly rare in this size, it is a big van for us to restore, so Ebay dreamers please stay away!


1957 Citroen H 'Cafe Gilbert' van 


From our own museum, we offer for sale this gorgeous Citroen H van that is totally solid but with a superb rusty patina that only vehicles from a hot, dry climate can attain. Pretty much any Citroen H book shows pictures of the Cafe Gilbert vans and this van, an early split screen, is as sound an example as you will ever find, anywhere.
We have kept this van externally as we found it, but the inside is quite different. All new brakes, rebuilt engine, new stainless steel exhaust, new hoses and radiator etc etc.
This van was displayed at 'La Vie en Bleu' at Prescott last summer, and on the Citroen Car Club stand at the NEC Classic Car Show last November. Much praised at both venues. Utterly unrepeatable. £18,300.


1957 Citroen H van 


Here is something different for you to consider. A lovely sound early split screen H van which runs and drives but has not been restored in any way yet. As usual, we will restore this van to your full specification and have it fully fitted out inside if you wish.
Some of the early vans were fitted from new with canvas sides, so easy to fit an opening side hatch or simply roll up the canvas as the French did in period. So much character!
You can buy this beauty, as is, for just £6500 or we will convert and restore it fully for you.


1957 Citroen H market/catering van 


OMG, as my daughter would still say (much to our chagrin!). A really lovely early, split screen van. This beauty was fitted with side opening in period, and as such, is a lovely historical piece. We will rebuild this beauty to your specification and colour. A really sound example as found, but we will rebuild the engine, brakes, cooling system, seats etc. as usual.
Very unusual to find such a sound early van that has never been molested bodily or mechanically - totally original and lovely.
Yet again, I am so tempted to keep this one!


1977 Citroen HY IN2. Catering van 


We are often asked if we have any basic vans for the customer to build up themselves, sometimes for static use in shopping centres for example. So, we bought this one for those people who want a cheap but sound van, and we have fitted a side opening catering hatch to it. But that is as far as we have gone. It needs tidying, painting and whatever mechanical work is required, but it represents a cheap start if you are on a tight start up budget. £4995 as it is; no offers please.


1961 Citroen HY Split screen 


Now, here is something rather special. This is a one owner, split screen van, but unusually, it is the Perkins diesel engine fitted rather than the more common indenor diesel. The Perkins engine was only fitted for a few years, but this one even has a spare engine with it 'just in case'! How about that! Also really interesting, is the fact that this van was fitted with these lovely sliding glass windows from new by the French SAPA coachbuilders - this is a very rare survivor with this original conversion, but would be great for catering or ICE CREAM sales as one could serve through them. A really rare vehicle then, one owner, Perkins diesel and SAPA conversion! I doubt you will ever find another with this combination. You may buy 'as is' or we will restore and fit out as you wish. Have a chat to us if you love it as much as we do!


1950's Citroen H van, Split Screen


The early H vans had a split windscreen and some other subtle differences that make them eagerly sought after by enthusiasts of the marque. The split windscreen was replaced in 1964, so these split screen models are between 40 and 60+ years old! It is most unusual to find one without and dents or rust damage, but this is a good find. Although it has some superficial rust, it is basically very strong in all the important areas that matter structurally. The van runs and drives and can be purchased as is or at any stage of restoration. The price will obvously depend on how far we have got or to what specification you may want. Your colour choice or as is 'dans son jus'.

1962 Citroen HY Betaillere Horsebox


A lovely early split screen van from Toulon on the French south coast. We are normally very wary of these as the rear load floor can be in a poor condition, but this van is absolutely solid throughout and in superb condition.

The bodywork is currently in primer and ready to be painted and the woodwork is sound, ready for a fresh coat of varnish. We are happy to paint it to your own colour or you may prefer to buy as is and finish yourself.

The van is higher inside than standard and very slightly longer so would convert to a really super camper or would also make a superb wood fired Pizza van.