In our desire to acquire the best possible Citroen HY and HZ vans, H VAN WORLD has a specialist team based near Antibes in the
South of France. Generally speaking, the further south one travels in France, the more rust free the van that you can find. But they are
never easy to locate! France is a vast country, and we generally find our vans in the most remote places. Each one has to then be
transported back to the UK and examined in detail before being offered for sale. Despite our expertise and selection process however,
you must remember that every H van is over 30 years old, and some are as mature as 60! So, even we can’t guarantee a vehicle of
that age, but you can at least rely on our extensive knowledge to avoid the worst pitfalls. We try to stock a complete selection of vans
from restoration projects to the most immaculate vans, and ranging in age from the 1950’s to the final production in 1981.We always try
to keep a varied stock, including varying lengths, heights and body styles. If we do not currently have what you are after, ask us to
locate it for you. If anyone can, H VAN WORLD can!


1975 Pizza catering van

Petrol. This lovely van is an extended length and extended height van, fitted with a top of the range `Bushman wood fired Pizza oven, fridge, basins, cupboards, ingredients and 'toppings' pots and all utensils.Literally, a business ready to go!
The van has never been used commercially and is immaculate inside and repainted outside. The oven alone cost £8000!
For sale very much below cost price.


1963 Citroen H van split screen

Petrol. A very nice and tidy, sound, original van. Restored in France around 4 years ago, then dry stored in France since then. It is now in our workshops being mechanically restored and converted to 12 volt power.We are going through the braking system fitting new wheel cylinders, brake hoses and brake pipes as necessary, fitting a new fuel tank, etc etc.
As the van is currently empty inside, it will be a fantastic basis for whatever you can dream up for it.
We can fit it out inside or change its colour - whatever you wish. Once restored, around £20,000 - no VAT on this van.


1979 Citroen HY Coffee Crepe

Petrol. An absolutely superb van, ready to trade immediately! Fitted with 2 gang coffee machine, coffee grinder, crepe ring, Patisserie display, twin basins and lighting.
The van even comes complete with it's own built in generator so is completely self sufficient.
This van has been beautifully looked after and is very clean inside.
Prior to sale, it will go through our workshop for service and any work required. Superb value at just £32,000.


1969 Citroen HY Petrol

A totally amazing find. Just one owner and 20,000 miles from new, this totally solid and original van was parked up in a barn in France for many years when the cylinder head gasket blew.
We found it, repatriated it to the UK and gave it a full mechanical restoration in our workshop. The engine has been rebuilt with new pistons, liners and bearings. The cylinder head has been machined, four new tyres have been fitted, all new brakes, a full stainless steel exhaust system fitted and, finally, a new MOT and UK registration.
Although the body is rust free and solid and has its original mellowed paint, it also has some original and typical (!) French dents!
You can drive away in it as it is now for just £20,000 plus VAT or we can repaint it your colour and fit it out inside to your specification.


Citroen HY Extended length

Petrol. An unusual yet much sought after type of Citroen H van. This beauty is approximately one metre longer than a standard H van, making it ideal for fitting large Pizza ovens (for example) or for any use where a number of appliances are fitted or you wish to have multiple staff inside.
The van will shortly be going through our workshop for a full mechanical restoration, after which it can be taken away as it is, or we can paint it your colour and fit it out to your specification.
Price will depend upon your specification and instructions.


1971 Citroen HY Petrol

This superb and very sound van is currently fitted out inside as a camper with cooker, fridge, table and seats. As very useful additions, the van also has a full length roof rack and a side awning. The van could also be stripped out inside to form the basis of a superb catering or promotional vehicle.
Soon to pass through our workshop,this van will go through our full refurbishment process, as all our vans do. Quite lovely. With UK registration and new MOT, £20,000. No additional VAT on this van.


1979 Citroen HY Diesel

This very sound and original van, has just arrived from France to join our collection. A few marks and bumps, yes, but believed to be a single owner vehicle (previous owner certainly owned it in 1984). The van is running and driving but will shortly go through our workshop for total mechanical rebuild and paint, finishing off with UK registration and new MOT.
If you want to do it yourself, you may buy now or let us know your exact specification and colour and we will build it for you.
At present it has a loading ramp at the back (which may be very useful for some applications) or we will fit the more usual rear doors.
As is, £15,000, or we will quote for finished specification.


1966 HY Catering SOLD

Fully rebuilt petrol engine, chemically cleaned carb, new brake lines, brake master cylinder, new alternator, starter motor, fuel pump, exhaust, all new tyres, new air, rebuilt radiator, new fuel tank and lines. UK registered with MOT until June 2017. Power steering was also added.
Finished in a beautiful deep metallic red and frost white on features such as arches and roof. The interior fit out uses real reclaimed timber, sealed and treated to ensure that is fully compliant with food hygiene standards. The fit out also included adding an extra serving / bar extension utilising the the rear barn doors. With ample electric plug sockets (10+) and it has been built for multiple uses; it has been utilised as a bar, coffee service and food catering - this van is literally is ready to go. Triple bottle fridge, - wine cooler - hot and cold water immersion and ample storage drawers and shelves.


1968 Citroen HY Van


MOT tested. Drive away today! A lovely original example with massive character. This superb van is UK registered and MOT tested and will be going through our workshop for mechanical checkover, updating and full service. This van would be great van to keep exactly as it is, or, we can fit it out inside, repaint it etc. You name it!
If you want to simply drive away in this beauty, buy as is for £16,780.


1964 Citroen LWB SOLD


This superb (and rare) original long wheel base H van, was built by us for our customer two years ago, but has never been used! It now represents a superb saving on new price and immediate delivery. The van is fully insulated and lined out, has gas and electricity, internal lighting, two basins, counters, oven and four burner hob, twin basket fryer, 2 x fridges, chilled glass counter display unit, chip scuttle, griddle, internal gas bottle cupboard, fold up roof sign and large opening side with fold down oak shelf. Superb specification and build at big saving on new price. van will be serviced and supplied with new MOT. £48,300.


1979 Citroen HY HiTOP SOLD


Nearly finished, this is a standard length, but high roof catering van. The van was one of the last H vans to be built (production of the Citroen H van finished in 1981) and so benefits from the final 'tweaks'!
We have raised the roof and fitted it out inside to a very high standard, with insulated and lined walls and ceiling, non slip floor, twin counters, twin basins with hot and cold water,fridge, bain marie, large side opening with fold out oak shelf, full interior lighting and gas fittings.
We can paint this van your colour (if you buy it quickly!) and add other equipment to it if you wish.
Ready to trade, and just £35,360 plus VAT


1971 Citroen HY


We are very excited to have found this lovely van recently - bought from its only owner, this van has had no new panels or welding and yet is very solid and still in its original paint.
We will shortly start to restore the van both bodily and mechanically and can paint it your colour and fit it out inside for catering, promotion or any other use.
Please talk to us about your requirements.


Citroen High Top


Undergoing full mechanical and body restoration, including a newly rebuilt engine, gearbox and brakes, this high top van will make a superb catering or promotional vehicle.
Although we purchased this van as a non running example, we loved it because of its amazingly sound structure and high roof.
We will build this van to your exact specification - you decide external colour, colour of the seats, and exact interior requirements.
Ask us to price this lovely van for your exact requirements.


1959 Citroen HY

Petrol. High Top split screen

Still in its original paint, this superb van has been in the same family ownership since new. Still in its original paint and totally original, this is a super example which will make a great catering or promotional van as it has the sought after high roof rear.
The van has been through our workshop and now has 12 volt electrics with alternator, new brakes, radiator, lights, stainless steel exhaust, seats and, of course, a new MOT.
Now, we can paint it your colour and, if you wish, fit it out to your specification. As is and ready to drive away, £22,000 + VAT.


1961 Citroen HY

Petrol. Split screen pick up

This superb van was found in France in a amazingly sound original state. It has now been totally restored with the objective of creating the best H van pick up in existence. Engine, gearbox, brakes, radiator, you name it, all rebuilt. So good was the final result that it was displayed on the Citroen stand at the recent Classic Car Show at Birmingham's NEC, as well as the similar show in Manchester. We can build a van body on the rear, or the van could be a really superb and unusual promotional vehicle. UK registered and with new MOT, just £21,600 (just try and build one to this standard for that price!)


1967 Citroen HY

Petrol. Catering van, ready to trade!

Originally built by us as a promotional van for Spanish Olive Oil, this van has most recently been very successfully selling Venezualan food in London.
Although now an older build, the van is very comprehensively fitted out inside with gas and electricity, lighting, twin basins, water heater, 2 x fridges, oven, griddle, fryer, bain marie, utensils etc. etc.
The van will be supplied serviced and with new MOT. Good value at £25,000


1979 Citroen HY - quite superb!


Direct from the South of France, a beautifully kept standard length H van in rot free and damage free condition. Quite lovely, and very hard to find these days, sadly.
This beauty may seem expensive compared to some that you see on Ebay, for example, but this is in quite a different league. A sound, original van like this is most unusual.
We can sell as is with, of course, new MOT and full service, for £24,000 + VAT, or we can fit it out inside and paint it to your exact specification


Citroen HY LWB and high top


A fantastic basis for a really large H van conversion - camper, catering or promotion van. We put this beauty into dry storage nearly four years ago and have been too busy to get to it so far!
When we purchased it, it was a running van, but if putting back on the road it will need a mechanical restoration as it has been standing for so long. Alternatively, it could be trailered or used as a static van. 
Long, high Citroen H vans are very hard to find, and this one already has a side opening fitted. As is, ridiculously cheap at just £13,000. Alternatively, we can restore, rebody, you name it - talk to us.


1974 Citroen HY SOLD


This van has been restored by its owner and needs very small finishing touches to complete. Stripped and painted, fitted with side opening hatch, new panels, new exhaust, new tyres and seats. MOT has expired but we can finish it for you and MOT test it if you wish. An excellent base vehicle for £19,000.


Citroen HY Restored


MOT tested and power steering! Petrol A really super Citroen H van, empty inside and ready to be fitted out inside to your specification or you can take it exactly as is.This van is literally ready to drive away, and to make it even more enjoyable, we have fitted power steering to it for you and ply lined it inside! Painted in original Citroen grey. Very good value at just £20,780


1962 Renault Galion Ferrari


Where to begin with this? Ideally, please read no further - I want to keep it! A beautifully restored truck which would be fantastic at any classic vehicle show or even better, at Goodwood or other Historic Racing meetings. The perfect tender vehicle, or, perhaps, simply for the Ferrari enthusiast or collector. The truck is mechanically and bodily restored at huge expense with new tyres, seats, brakes, radiator etc.and even the signage is hand painted - no stickers here! Absolute gift at £19,995


1970 Citroen SOLD


A very rare variant of the Citroen H family, and even better, it is as sound as a rock! Relatively few long wheel bas H vans were ever built, and as they are longer than the average garage, they tended to be left outside in the elements, sadly resulting in lots of body rot. This one, however, appears to have had just had a single owner and was put into a barn many years ago with a minor mechanical ailment. That is where it was discovered recently, covered in thick dust and with a couple of dents, but absolutely solid. We will give it a full mechanical restoration and a new MOT, and then it is up to you - we will paint it, fit it out inside, export it, you name it. Mechanically restored and with new MOT, just £24,400 plus VAT.


1966 Citroen HY


One thing we can say about this one - you will never find another! The van was coach built for the Tour de France cycle race, later passing to the sewing machine company Singer as a demonstaration unit. Long wheel bas and with a high top, plus a balcony on the back...the possibilities are endless. An amazing camper perhaps or a superb drinks bar? Alternatively, plenty of room for lots of catering equipment inside.You name it, we'll build it. Alternatively, buy it from us with full mechanical restoration and fit it out inside yourself.
A super solid van with endless possibilities. Price depends upon how you want it - call us.


Citroen HY pick up


A very sound, original Citroen HY pick up, still wearing its original paint, so that you can see how sound it is. A complete and lovely example that would make a fantastic static promotional van, catering van, bar etc. or it could be restored to perfection. As with all our vans, you can purchase the van 'as is' and play with it yourself, or we can restore and build it to your own specification. A lovely old thing and cheap at £4300 as is.


1971 Citroen HW SOLD


This superb example has had just the single owner from new and comes with its coachbuilder build sheet and original Citroen specification/build sheet. Most unusual to find a single owner 45 year old vehicle! Being taller inside and very slightly longer inside than a standard H van, this will make a superb catering or promotional van for the taller chef or great for a camper conversion. We will be putting this superb van through our workshop and can then sell or paint and or convert to your exact specification - see our 'Gallery' page for interior ideas. Price depends upon final specification, or as is but mechanically restored with new MOT. £21,450 plus VAT


Citroen HY catering van

Ready to trade!

An absolutely beautiful van supplied by us originally, very straight and sound and sold mechanically checked over and MOT tested. Recently rebuilt and very sweet engine. Interior very well fitted out and ready for you to start trading. We can add extra equipment, or modify and paint the van to your exact specification if you wish.
Really lovely and ready for work now! £36,100.


1969 Citroen HY SOLD

brand new catering conversion.

Beautifully built catering unit with front counter of oak, rear preparation counter stainless steel. Fitted fridge, two basins with pump and water heater, gas installation, mains/generator hook up, side opening with oak customer shelf, storage cupboard above cab,electric points and full interior lighting. Full van rebuild including rebuilt engine, new radiator, new exhaust, new tyres, new brakes, new seats etc.
A truly superb van and a lovely conversion. Ready to go! £34,450.


1974 Citroen HY van SOLD

extended length van with roof rack.

A really lovely extended short wheel base van. This example is in amazingly sound and straight condition and running and driving fine. Never-the-less, we will put it through our workshop and MOT it. If required, we will repaint the van and fit it out to whatever specification you want. We can even raise the roof if you are over 6ft tall.
£24,300 plus VAT with new MOT.


1964 Citroen HY van SOLD

extended length van with roof rack.

It is very hard to find these extended length vans, and especially sound examples. This van was still working in France until very recently, so has been on the road and is roadworthy.
However, that is not good enough for us, so it will be going through our workshop for a mechanical refurbishment starting with a new gearbox. Finally, a new MOT.
We can paint the van your colour and fit it out for any catering of promotional purpose. £24,540 plus VAT.


1957 Citroen HY

ready for catering conversion

This is a really lovely van, beautifully original and very sound, but with a lovely age patina to the body.
The van is totally solid and has a rebuilt engine, brakes, radiator and stainless exhaust system. Side opening fitted and new chimney.
You can buy this van exactly as it is, or we can paint it and fit it out to your exact specification.
As is, just £18,300 and no VAT on this van.


1975 Citroen HY Petrol

Long wheel base, high roof

We are building this van as we constantly get asked for long high roofed H vans and they are almost impossible to find in really solid condition.
This van has been built from the chassis up, and is ready to be converted into whatever you may dream up for it.
Very, very hard to find in this condition. £25,885.


1972 Citroen H petrol

Solid and original

This van is totally original and has no rot in it anywhere! This would be the most fantastic base for a really superb catering or promotional vehicle.
The van will go through our workshop and will, as usual have many new parts and a new MOT.
A stunning base van, not cheap as they are getting very hard to find in this condition. £23,780 plus VAT


Citroen HY van SOLD


A really lovely van, fresh from the South of France.The van has a superb patina of age and sun, but it's main structure is actually very sound. The van runs and drives but is obviously not yet roadworthy or MOT tested. This would be a lovely van for anyone who can convert their own van or who simply wants a van to look this way, original and unmolested.


1967 Citroen HY Fire van

Petrol Quite magnificent

Where do I start with this one? Words can't describe it adequately, but the 1,064 pictures of its total restoration will ! Two hours South of Paris lurked this little beauty - a long way to go, but well worth every mile of the journey and the motorway toll fees!
Purchased from an arch enthusiast who had professionally rebuilt every part of this van and recorded every single step on his camera - the file of pictures will go to the purchaser on a memory stick. You simply will not find a better and more eye catching example of France's greatest van! Just 30,000 km from new! No VAT on this beauty as it came from a private individual.We can fit out this beauty to you specification so that you will never go unnoticed! - Cheap at just £23,500.




Catering / Promotion Van. Just reaching completion in our workshops, this superb long wheel base HY van. Initially this van was sand blasted to totally clean the metal, any panels that required changing were replaced and it was then repainted. The engine is being fully rebuilt, new radiator, new lights, tyres and seats.
These long vans are very hard to find in really sound condition and this is a beauty. As with all our vans, it will come to you with new MOT. Buy as is and fit out yourself, or we can fit out the interior to your exact specification (see our 'Gallery' section for previous examples). £29,480 (No VAT).


1969 Citroen HY


Here is something really special (though aren't they all?). An ex French post van that we have totally rebuilt for our own museum - trouble is, we are putting more away to keep than we are putting up for sale! Time for some sanity! Fully rebuilt engine, new brakes, radiator, stainless exhaust, electronic ignition, fully restored and painted body with painted underside, totally rebuilt seats, new mirrors, new tyres, new MOT and UK registered. Quite lovely. We can convert to whatever you wish (catering van, camper etc) or keep it as is.Lovely. £23,760 plus VAT.


1971 Citroen HYIN2 SOLD


Newly restored and ready to be finished to your own specification. Currently fitted with a diesel engine or we can convert to a petrol engine if you prefer. This van was originally a mini bus so has had very light use and is very solid. Body restored and repainted, new tyres, lights, and fresh paint.
You can buy as is with new MOT for £22,400 - no VAT.


Citroen HY SOLD 


This super solid example was in regular use until recently in France. It will shortly be going through our workshop for mechanical restoration following which it will be MOT tested and then painted in the purchasers colour and fitted with a pair of new seats. The roof rack is a great additional feature for something to promote your product - or this would make a superb camper van. We will fit the van out inside to your exact specification (see our 'Gallery' page for ideas) or you can buy it and fit it out yourself. £19,500 plus VAT.


1953 Peugeot D3 


These lovely vans were Peugeot's response to Citroen's H van. Just as the H van was a lovely looking and practical van, so was the Peugeot. Unfortunately these Peugeot D3 and later D4 were only made for a very short time so very few survive today. Those that do are usually in a pretty poor state, but this is one of the few exceptions - it is as perfect as it could be. Totally solid, immaculate, and driving beautifully. We have converted these beauties to catering vans in the past, and can do so again. £14,880


1961 Citroen HY SOLD 


Now, here is something rather special. This is a one owner, split screen van. Also really interesting, is the fact that this van was fitted with these lovely sliding glass windows from new by the French SAPA coachbuilders - this is a very rare survivor with this original conversion, but would be great for catering or ICE CREAM sales as one could serve through them.
We have now totally rebuilt this van mechanically with fully rebuilt late type petrol engine, reconditioned gearbox, new brakes, new seats, new radiator etc.
We can now paint the van your chosen colour and fit it out for anything you care to dream up.
Ready to go, superb split screen but with late mechanics.
New MOT. £22,000 plus vat painted your colour.